Outdoor advertising tents you know how much

2016-10-05 84
Advertising tent is four corners, some people called "four angle canopy". The role of advertising tents is used to block the sun, in order to distinguish between ordinary small sun umbrella, it will be called the outdoor sun umbrella.
Advertising tents are connected by a number of steel pipe, the use must pay attention to the following points:
1, advertising tents bought, open the packaging must be careful, careful not to let the knife cut tarpaulin;
2, when the ad tents to close up, to gently, otherwise it is easy to damage the inside of the components;
3, the best advertising tent placed upright, do not put other tents on it, to avoid pressure;
4, posted billboards, it is best to use a rope, do not use tape to paste, the residue will affect the sleeve sliding up and down.
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