Sun umbrella can not be used as an umbrella

2016-10-05 68
Umbrella is a shelter of rain, snow tools, generally oiled paper, polyester, PG cloth, nylon, etc .; and sun umbrella can be mainly used to prevent direct sunlight. Between the two, the difference is mainly in the umbrella fabric, polyester fiber, the strongest anti-ultraviolet ability, because the molecular structure of the benzene ring has the role of absorption of ultraviolet light.

Sun umbrella can not be used as an umbrella to use, there are many outside the argument, and some can say, some say no. That line, mainly because the umbrella is not used when the umbrella will leak, and say no, is that the sun umbrella is a special treatment, the rain will destroy the molecular structure inside, leading to broken sun umbrella . In fact, the sun umbrella to use as an umbrella once or twice, is completely no problem, after use, remember to umbrella dry in order to close up, do not let water molecules destroy sunscreen paint. Remember, the sun umbrella can not be used for a long time to block the rain, which greatly reduces the "shade" function.

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