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Outdoor advertising tents you know how much

Advertising tent is four corners, some people called "four angle canopy". The role of advertising tents is used to block the sun, in order to distinguish between ordinary small sun umbrella, it will be called the outdoor sun umbrella. Advertising tents are connected by a number of steel pipe, the use must pay attention to the following points: 1, advertising tents bought, open the packaging must be careful, careful not to let the knife cut tarpaulin; 2, when the ad tents to clos



How to choose the sun umbrella

1. Selection of sun umbrella Use of silver plastic coated umbrella can play the effect of shade sunscreen, sunscreen than the sun umbrella effect although it is almost, but the price is moderate, more people easy to accept. 2. Do not choose lace umbrella, lace umbrella of course, popular good-looking, but the role of the sun is not good. 3. Choose a dark umbrella cloth can block off 95% of the UVA. In general, the best black, followed by silver, red the worst. Look at the sun ability is strong e



Sun umbrella can not be used as an umbrella

Umbrella is a shelter of rain, snow tools, generally oiled paper, polyester, PG cloth, nylon, etc .; and sun umbrella can be mainly used to prevent direct sunlight. Between the two, the difference is mainly in the umbrella fabric, polyester fiber, the strongest anti-ultraviolet ability, because the molecular structure of the benzene ring has the role of absorption of ultraviolet light. Sun umbrella can not be used as an umbrella to use, there are many outside the argument, and some can say, s

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